August 12, 2020

Career In Cosmetology

Cosmetology career has become one lucrative industry to penetrate into. And the basic requirement to be a cosmetologist is to begin with a cosmetology school that abides by the State Laws and imparts expert training for students. Then graduates will have to apply for the licensure from their respective authoritative bodies. Every state may have a different set of requisites and it is advisable that you understand well before submitting your application. The fundamental requirement is of course an age of at least 17 years old with a certification approved by an accredited school.

The licensure of cosmetology career is rather difficult at certain states. For instance, the state of New Jersey will run a test on the applicant for them to demonstrate a completion of cosmetology course that covers a program in public school certified by the State Board of Education, having attended 1200 hours of lectures in the cosmetology school or 1200 hours of classes of cosmetology licensed by another state or a different nation, which offers syllabus considerably similar to that of the original state.

From the research done by the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences, closely associated with the United States Department of Labor, the annual cosmetology salary for cosmetologists or any salon professionals are at approximate figure of US$50,000. However, the Job Demand Surveys disclose that there is shortage in salon care professionals. This indicates that the demand of such expertise is increasing yet the production is insufficient to overcome the claim.

There are diverse payment modes for cosmetology salary, widely applied among all cosmetologists. Examples include the total commission and partial commission, consisting of the product sales, tips and other additional earnings. In fact, with the high demand, there are little chances for cosmetologists to be having difficulties for unemployment. However, to ensure that you get a high paying rewarding job in the future, you have to conduct simple researches and select the school that imparts viable training to lead you to getting the licensure then having a fruitful job.

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